"It takes COMMITMENT to stand by your convictions when all those around you have none. It takes PERSEVERANCE to keep fighting when you are losing. It takes COURAGE to push yourself  to places that you have never been before, to test your limits, to break through barriers you thought were unbreakable. It takes DISCIPLINE and STRONG DESIRE to be the very best that you can be, when others around you settle for mediocrity. It takes HARD WORK and SACRIFICE to fulfill your DREAM"

The original Stars, Stars '83 team was founded in the summer of 1994 by Rod Arosemena and Vic Fodor, comprising of players from their Winnetka Park Region 29 AYSO All-Star team, and later supplemented by players from the Encino AYSO Balboa Park program. Unfortunately, Rod passed away on May 14, 1995, but not before seeing the Stars capture their first State Cup title.
From its beginning, the team showed remarkable skill and talent, and immediately succeeded at the highest level of competition. They have been honored several times by the Los Angeles City Council, our Councilwoman Laura Chick, as well as the County Supervisor Zev Yaroslawski for their ongoing incredible accomplishments on the field and their community service and multiple charity work off the field.  Los Angeles Times, the Daily News, KNBC, and KABC have all featured this unique team.  Two members of this Stars team have appeared in several Nike commercials.  Stars became the first ever Los Angeles amateur team nominated to be featured on the Team Cheerios cereal boxes. They were the only team in Southern California to be 100% sponsored and outfitted by FILA. Soccer experts throughout the country have praised the '83 Stars as one of the greatest soccer teams in the U.S. in their age group ever.  Their competitors have bestowed upon the Stars the ultimate honor of being the team to emulate and beat. They capped their outstanding career by receiving the Snickers Fair Play Award in their last State Cup competition in 2001. At the conclusion of that State Cup, they graduated six players and the remaining members joined other top club teams in Southern California for their final season.
Valley United Soccer Club is honored to have this team recognized as one of the best ever, and as having set new and higher standards of play in girls soccer.

Valley United Stars '83 became one of the most decorated and dominating teams ever. These '83 girls amassed an incredible record since their formation in the summer of 1994. They won the California State Cup in 1995 (went undefeated and unscored on), in 1996, and again in 1998, and they also won the 1996 and 1998 Far West Regionals. There was no National Championship at that time for this age group. They won the El Camino Real Soccer League in 1994, 1995, and 1996, the last two years playing up in age. In their inaugural season in 1994, they went undefeated and unscored on with a record of 14-0-0 and 84:0 goal difference. They captured the Coast Soccer League Gold title in 1997 and 1998, finished 2nd in 1999 in the Coast Premier League and 3rd in 2000. They won League Cup titles in 1994, 1995, and 1996. They hold 57 different championship titles, and 11 times they finished as finalists. Only 5 times in their career were they eliminated before reaching the semifinal game. They had 16 players on the State, Regional, and National ODP teams and several of them were very instrumental in winning the ODP National US title in 2000.
In the calendar year 1995 they had an incredible 81 game undefeated streak as they did not lose a single game between January 1995-1996, and they won every tournament that they played in. They had a streak of 16 tournament championship titles in a row, including Celtic Cup, Summer Surf Cup, NHB Cup, and Thanksgiving Girls Surf Cup. They hold a CYSA-S National Cup record for the fastest goal in the Championship game as they scored 9 seconds after the opening kick-off in the 1996 finals. On September 27 1998, they won their 300th career game, and then on October 17 1998, they scored their 1000th career goal. On October 17 1999, they reached another milestone by registering their 350th victory. September 17 2000 was another big day as this exceptionally talented team registered their 300th shut-out win of their career. Last major accomplishment was reached on November 12 2000 when they won their 400th career game

They continued their dominating performances while playing in College, and many of them made huge contributions to their respective school's soccer programs. Click here for their College accomplishments

Overall Career Statistics


Some major Championship titles

Surf Cup - '95, '97
NHB Cup - '94, '95, '00
Pleasanton - '95, '97
Nomads Showcase - '97, '98
Santa Barbara - '97, '00
Sun & Surf - '00

Girls Surf Cup - '95, '97, '99
Celtic Cup - '94, '96, '99
Mission Viejo - '97, '99
SJ Capistrano - '96, '97

Cerritos Challenge Cup - '99
Wolfpack Invitational - '00

Coach Hugh Donald

Rod Arosemena

Vic Fodor

Coach Terry Davila
Years as members
  of the Stars '83

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Tricia Arosemena

Megan Boys
April Cline

Arosemena-midfield Boys-defense Cline-goalkeeper

Sara Davis
Christina Enea
Jennifer Farenbaugh


Davis-defense Enea-midfield Farenbaugh-forward

Erin Fitzpatrick
Jenna Fodor
Ashleigh Garmon


Fitzpatrick-midfield Fodor-forward Garmon-forward

Celisse Hayden
Crystal James
Kimberly LaVere

Hayden-forward James-forward LaVere-defense

Kelly Lavery
April Millado
Lerin Mundell


Lavery-forward Milado-midfield Mundell-midfield

Lauren Nussbaum
Jill Oakes
Alessandra Pavoni

Nussbaum-defense Oakes-defense Pavoni-midfield

Lindsey Redlin
Jaime Rendich
Marlene Sandoval

Redlin-defense Rendich-midfield Sandoval-defense

Diana Sanguinetti
Allison Stone
Lindsey Weening

Sanguinetti-defense Stone-midfield Weening-midfield
Well known Stars Uniform Logo

First State Cup Title - 1995
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